Unfinished basement to stair landing transition


  1. I have an unfinished basement (concrete floor) and there is a transition to a stair landing which is about 1.5 inches high. The inspector once mentioned that this won’t fly and that I should build a ramp or gradual transition. We’ve lived in the house for over a year and never had an issue tripping on it because it’s so obvious. Rather than a ramp, could I put a 2x4 there and paint it yellow as a “caution” warning type reminder for people who are not used to the step?

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  1. I have a garage door to the outside which has a step of 7.5 to over 8 inches from the garage floor to the top of the door transition (because the garage floor is sloped). Do I need to build a step here? 3’ x 3’ perhaps? On the outside there is a 1" gap between the pavers and the door transition.

https://c5.staticflickr.com/6/5508/30564914196_6446291a1a_z.jpgGarage to outside by pro_motosport, on Flickr

I’ve attached a couple pics to help with my question. Your help is much appreciated as I’d like to go for final building inspection early next week. I have final electrical and plumbing already. This was an extensive expansion/reno/new roof type build.

Danny, ref pic 1, any rise over an inch would be considered a tripping hazard. (Can’t find the code right now)
Ref pic 2, the door should not open over a step. There needs to be a 36 in. landing in the direction of travel when you open a door. (Try R311.7.5)

As a home inspector I would call both of these out as safety hazards. (not necessarily as code violations, that is for the AHJ).

BUT … I am not an AHJ so my comments are worth what you just paid for them.

What would be acceptable here to alleviate the tripping hazard? Sorry I wasn’t clear in my first post but that was what I was really asking.

Thanks in advance!

Use a 3/4" high trim piece in front of the 1 1/2" piece (thereby creating a small ramp) to help prevent toe catching and tripping.

Great, thank you for the suggestion. That’s what I was looking for.