Unidentified pets of some sort

I was in a crawlspace yesterday that had quite a bit of spots that had a ton of larva of some kind of bug. Some spots they were wiggling. The crawl was pretty warm, wet, and to my suspicion had a sewage leak at the main sewer line because it was covered with kitty litter. That sections is where there was the most spots of the bug. Any clue to what these may be?
I ended up not even crawling around the crawlspace cause there was too many of these spots of larva and didn’t want to track is around the clients and my home.

Not a closeup for me to know.
I tried enlarging the image & it then gets blurry.
I do see some same length wings, that are not much longer than the body denoting a type of ant.
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Here’s zoomed in picture.

Very odd if it is an ant. It’s winter and its been cold in the recent weeks.

I see a head, thorax, abdomen.
Ant or wasp some type of beetle (doubt it).
Cold will cause inactivity, sometimes to the state of near hibernation but it most likely won’t kill them.

Were they bitter or sweet?
WE need @jmckee for help!

My apologies, I gave confusing information.
The crawl space was attempted to be a conditioned crawl space. The ground was covered with vapor barrier that was not sealed and the foundation above the CMU’s were insulated and the vents blocked. The crawl was actually very warm. Some of the bugs were alive and some were dead. I did not move around the crawl cause I have PTSD from bed bugs that were in an income property that I used to own haha. Even though these aren’t anything like bed bugs, still…

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what did they taste like ?

They tasted like COVID.

Hope you wore your mask between bites!

Those look like simple drain flies or larger gnats.