Is this signs of termites?

Not something I’ve seen before and thought I’d better ask the professionals. Thanks

It looks like organic growth to me from what I can see in the picture.

I don’t see tubes or frass, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be, David.


Yeah this crawl had no vapor barrier and had water lines on the walls but no other substantial growth elsewhere. Had me wondering.

What is the black stuff like?

Are those two tubes in the bottom left?

It is near that opening, maybe excess moisture coming from there?

Hard for me to tell from that picture, David.

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The ground surface was kind of wet so plenty of moisture throughout the space. I actually thought the stuff looked like mud splashed up there but knew that wasn’t likely.

An abandoned wire and it’s shadow.

I would have opened one up to see.


I should have.

I would have to agree with @lkage on this one for sure. Living fur… It tends to grow in random areas and patterns sometimes.


Mud tubes are typically linear, not round because they are headed for something and they need the tube to protect their squishy bodies :slight_smile:

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HEY! That’s high protein baby.

It’s not subs.


Maybe I’ll use “living fur” in my report. It is in rural TN so it would be understood. :grinning:


Is it made out of dirt? are you being paid to do a termite inspection? I have some experience with termites and normally you’d see tubes going from the ground up made out of dirt… is the wood damaged if you probe on it?

Just from these pictures I’d probably say something like it is “Abnormal suspect material” and recommend further review by a pest control specialist and remind them that Wood Destroying Organisms are not included in a typical home inspection neither is identifying material definitively as mold.

Also the Concrete Masonry Units have no footing or concrete pad to rest on, and are not turned the proper way in at least one of the photos. but keep in mind i’m new here

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