Any idea what left these behind? Web type tube?

I have been searching and searching but not having any luck? Thanks!

Looks like some type of moth/caterpillar or a plaster bag worm.
Need a better closeup to be sure.
<MG State Lic Termite/Pest Control/Lawn & Ornamental Operator #2446 :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks, not coming up with anything was oddly comforting and concerning at the same time.

Bottom one zoomed in.

I think you have discovered alien life!

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Susan, what is your location?

I take it over termites or brown recluse! :joy::alien::space_invader::skull::tongue:

Western Maryland.

Looks like some type of a beetle or borer.
Are there any pine, elm or hackberry trees around?
Could even be a bee.
My best guess.

quote=“mgoldenberg, post:9, topic:162577”]
type of a beetle or borer.
I was thinking the same thing Marc. Maybe something came in on the Christmas tree?

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We closed on the house a month ago, tomorrow. There is evidence the former owner had house plants. Not sure what all I have outside yet but several types of evergreens, holly, English ivy, other trees, bushes, and plants. A lot of it is going to have to be relocated or disposed of. There is a cacti of some kind out there, it is not flourishing and looks slightly rotted possibly, best to keep those inside in this area! This place is interesting, soon for fun I will start posting a slew of defects, they had a real handyman around!