uninsulated ductwork in basement

How do you handle uninsulated ductwork in an unfinished basement?

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It could be insulated on the inside of the metal duct.

Was there a supply register down there, if so then there would be no issue?

Conditioned basement or unconditioned? You can pull a supply grill cover off and see if it insulated on the inside.

A conditioned basement I wouldn’t be concerned, unconditioned it needs to insulated. If it’s not it’s going to condense and could cause high humidity levels in the home and possible mold growth.

If the basement is heated, and from picture suspect it is… no issue.

Over 90% of homes here have basements… and of those almost all have duct systems as shown in photo. In our area, simply the way they have always and still are built.

That looks like a conditioned basement, in that case its the standard and insulation is not required. Although, sealing and taping the joints makes for less heat loss that isn’t a requirement for existing supplies at this time so I never mention it.

Agreed… and sometimes one even sees actual homes in some connection points. A good idea to put something on to seal but not a show stopper.

No problem…:slight_smile:

Increasing energy efficiency is a different story, as others have said.

Thanks for all the replies. This is a picture of a basement that I am scheduled to inspect so I don’t know all the details but the last house I inspected had similar ductwork and the basement was not conditioned. I did not know that insulation could be on the inside of the ductwork. Thanks guys