Universal Insurance Wind Mit Requirements.

FYI: Universal sent this out to all their agents:

1/30/2012 New OIR Wind Mitigation Affidavit Processing Tips In an effort to assist our agents, UPCIC has created the following guide that should be used as a general reference when quoting wind mitigation credits in the Atlas Policy Processing System based on the new 1802 Form Rev 1/12 beginning 2/1/2012. Please remember that photos are required for questions 3-7.

  1. >Building Code – This question asks what building code the structure was built to. This does not generate a wind mitigation credit. <LI >Roof Covering – Letters “A” & “B” both grant the FBC credit. Letters “C” & “D” should be marked as Non-FBC.
  • All roof covering types on the structure must be identified.

  • Each appropriate line of the chart on this question must be completed.

  1. Roof Deck Attachment – The quoted credit should match the credit checked off on the form.
  • Roof decks with 6d nails or staples receive credit “A”

  • Batten decking supporting wood shakes or wood shingles receive credit “A”

  • If a dimensional lumber/tongue & groove attachment has 1 nail per board and the board is equal to or less than 6 inches in width and the inspector checks off “C”, we will require a measurement photo of the board
    >Roof to Wall Attachment – The quoted credit should match the credit checked off on the form.

  • These are the minimal conditions to qualify for clips, single wraps, or double wraps: All visible metal connectors must be secured to the truss/rafter with a minimum of 3 nails AND attached to the wall top plate of the wall framing, or embedded in the bond beam, with less than a ½" gap from the blocking or truss/rafter and blocked no more than 1.5" or the truss/rafter AND free of visible severe corrosion.

  1. Roof Geometry – The quoted credit should match the credit checked off on the form.
  • If the hip credit is quoted, the appropriate measurements are required unless the roof is 100% hip

  • The flat roof designation applies only to buildings with 5 or more units.

  • Porches or carports that are attached only to the fascia or wall of the host structure over ENCLOSED space ARE to be considered in the determination of roof perimeter or roof area for roof geometry classification.

  1. SWR – The quoted credit should match the credit checked off on the form.
  • SWR underlayment applied directly to the sheathing will require documentation detailing the manufacturer, product used, and coverage details. A letter from the INSTALLING CONTRACTOR, documentation from the policyholder, or permit with the above details must be submitted for review.

>Opening Protection – Answer “A” grants the hurricane credit. Answer “B” grants the basic credit. Letters “C”, “N”, and “X” do not grant a discount and should be rated as “none”.

  • In order for the credit to apply, the opening protection level chart must be completed for each category of openings on the home and must match the box checked by the inspector next to the name of the credit.

  • The inspector must check off the box next to the name of the credit in order for the credit to apply.

  • Photos of shutters only are insufficient; photos of shutters must show stickers/product approval numbers on the shutters that can be identified as impact resistant. If this is not shown in the photos, product approvals and proof that the product was installed on the structure will be required.


Thanks for posting this, good to see how we will be judged.

Just checked the DBPR website for updates on Wind Mit. Ther is only one wind mit C.E. approved course provider listed and it is not InterNACHI. I know Nick got the 16 hour wind mit course approved by the state earlier as I saw it on the state site. You might want to follow up on this Nick to stay in the game.

Thanks for posting the info. Seems like the new form helps clarify a few issues that previously would arise.

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Ernesto what area do you cover?