Wind Mit Report

Had an agent complaining to customer saying I only included six photos and was not enough (I did not get to talk to agent). Report included:

front, side gable, rear and all showing roof

roof deck attachment with measurement of nail

pic of two trusses showing clearly, the strap with nail heads showing

pic of zircon with properly marked truss

What am I missing per OIR?

this agent also wanted the clients signature and no one has ever required that from me before in email report. She also said I did not sign even though I had a digital signature block included.

Had agent last week complain because report had six photos and she only wanted 3.

Send the agent an email explaining that if they do not accept your report that they must send someone on the companies dime. Also inform them that you have informed you client to file an immediate complaint with the OIR and make sure you tell them to do so.

Never take any crap from them and always stand your ground or they will expect it every time. What the fool is saying is not anywhere on the 1802 form.

I have sent similar letters for whatever asinine things agent have come at me with and it usually solves the problems.

You happen to have an idiot agent that “Thinks” they are the underwriters. Basically they should be told to shut up and send the report to the underwriters.

Good Luck.

Oh I almost forgot. This is about reason 500 that Pictures are useless, dangerous, and being abuse by insurance companies who make up their own rules. The next form should NOT have pictures in the requirements. If this is not fixed in the next form the problems will get worse and worse

Disregard everything above if you give a crap about what the agent thinks about you. If you care and are hoping they send you referrals then you better just kiss their a-s like a great many here would do.

Ask Dennis Bonner to send you an example report. Send me your report and I will give you my opinion.


what email should I send it to? Also, sorry, but I don’t know Dennis Bonner - do u have his email?

Thank John.

No problem, just send me an email and Ill copy u a report.

thanks, Dennis. very nice report.

John, I sent you my report. appreciate your review.

u bet