Wind mitigation item

Performed a wind mitigation yesterday on an old home with a huge addition. The main original home what is a gable shingle roof that was just replaced and would receive many credits including SWR, nail sizing, nail spacing, new FBC code Etc.

The addition portion of the roof was flat and just as big or bigger then the Gable portion noted above. A roof over on this portion of the roof was done in 2012. Since it was flat there was no attic access so no credits could be verified.

My question is this;
I noted no credits on the Wind mitigation report due to the old flat roof not being able to be identified. The owner is asking me to revise my wind mitigation to reflect all the credits that the new gable roof has or due to reports and treat the house as two separate units. I have never heard of this being done and there’s no questions on the report to indicate such things. Should I amend this and do what she asked?

When you get homeowner’s insurance, do they insure multiple parts of the roof separately or as one?

Just wanted to double check. Thx

Whose license is on the form (that you sign)?

The form’s instructions (and intent) are clearly spelled out for the homeowner to read.

And FYI, you’re not there to give “credits”, you’re there to verify wind mitigation features. If you have “No attic access” then that’s what you check on the form.

You can advise her to hire someone to open the soffit (or a ceiling in a closet) for this flat roof addition (at their own expense) to expose the roof to wall connections and maybe the nailing pattern/size, if the opening allows.