HIP Templates wanted?

Anyone who wants can send me your HIP template for testing. I will give you a months free services if you are a current HG user or a nice price break on the HomeGauge software if you are not.

Our migration tool is almost ready for anyone to try on their own but I want to make sure it’s tight and clean.

Send me your file with the TPZ extension located at C: Program Files /Home Inspector Pro/ Data folder in an email with it attached Russell@HomeGauge.com

Hair cuts happening now! :wink:

For those wanting to try HomeGauge with their HIP template email me Russell@HomeGauge.com with your template that ends in tpz

To get the file go to C: Program files / Home Inspector pro /Data folder and find your file.

Next download a trial version of HomeGauge here

I will email you back your hiptoHG template for you to drop into HomeGauge at Documents/HomeGauge/Template/Residential folder

See the difference

I hope Bob used his spell check before he sent you his template.


Just sent you over a copy of Kenton’s Narrative Template we have been working on entering into HomeGauge for the last week or so. Can you see if you can run that through the process? It would save us an incredible amount of work trying to enter all these narratives one by one. Even if there is a bit of clean-up on the finished result it would be much better than entering them one at a time.

Most conversions go the other way Linas.

You simply converted me to religion as l learned the Devil is real after you started posting here.

I heard you were Gacy’s altar boy.

Here we go again!

LOL. Yes, we do 4-5 conversions the other way every week. Looks like Russell is pulling off the gloves. I’ve never done a discount for guys switching, but it makes sense, I may need to start!

Always wondered who your Mentor was.

Careful, your stuff is always on sale so you’ll be giving it away :wink:

Got it. Give me a few minutes and I will send it back to you.

I can’t help it that we’re more cost efficient over here. And we manage to double everyone else’s support hours at the same time :smiley:

You can’t make this stuff up :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it’s job security :wink:

Hey, it’s hard to live on the west coast and have no tech support after 1pm! I wouldn’t call it job security, I’d call it taking care of our inspectors!

We’re ready at 6 am with a FULL staff for the west coast. 12 of us with 6 dedicated full time answering the phone.

We’re here at 6am PST too :smiley:

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Great movie! One of my favorites.

Mine too! I am surprised you can’t get away from this thread Dom lol

Neither can you.
Isn’t there a actual Home Gauge website somewhere ?:cool: