Universal's Wind Mits-GOOD NEWS


  1. CBC Table 2304.9.1 requires 8d common nails to fasten roof sheathing to the underlying framing. Pneumatically driven (gun) nails require two inches of penetration into framing members. There should be no “shiners” through spaced sheathing.

If you want to send in pictures of “shiners” great.

The point you are missing is that there shouldn’t be any shiners. Nails used as spacers between the decking, although sloppy workmanship, may be allowed, but missing the trusses, I don’t think so.

As for handling it, I never had to take pictures, and I stopped doing WMs after a conversation with a couple of other inspectors, now both retired. The insurance companies are switching the liability to anyone who will take it.

You can Google magnum inspections and then go to the roof picture page. All the roofs on that page had to be completely replaced.


Where is the best place to by a Zircon MT 6?

How many do you need to buy? Must need a lot!!

I believe I got mine at lowes. Good luck.

I got mine onine through AceHardware Outlet through Amazon for around $124.00 – shipping took a couple weeks this method.

I think Lowes is $99.00

What a way for Insurance companies to screw homeowner confidence with home inspectors. I’m sure we have all been telling our clients the form was good for 5-years. I believe this action of Universal no longer honoring the original form should be be turned over to the OIR for review.

I think the oir should investigate universal because they apparently do what ever the hell they want and make up their own rules.