I just took a call from someone shopping for prices on a 4-pt/UMVI combo. They claim (and I believe them) that a “Licensed Home Inspector” is willing to travel a minimum of 100 miles round trip to perform a 4-pt/Wind Mit Combo inspection for $100.:mad: WTH!
No doubt that this is a new comer to the industry that knows nothing about business and even less about inspecting. He does have a license, though.:roll:
A few weeks ago, a local “Home Inspector” came to see me (his competition) to seek my advice on how to perform a Wind Mitigation Inspection.:shock: He voluntarily told me that he had never done a home inspection and had only done three Wind Mits. The first two went well, but on the third one, he didn’t understand what to do with the windows.
I asked him if he does 4-pt inspections, as well. He said, “No. Yes. Well, no. Am I allowed to?”:stuck_out_tongue: Really? Am I allowed to? Oh, and his wife is a local insurance agent!:shock:
As a Christian, I like to see everyone succeed and truely don’t like to see people fail, so I wish the man the best and I am honored that he came to me for advice.:slight_smile: On the other hand, I am amazed. I hope he keeps his prices competetive.
Ok. I’m done with my rant and i did enjoy using all of the icons. Check out my post in the Member’s Only section about pricing.:mrgreen:

Ain’t it great now that we have thousands more people to compete with :slight_smile:

Yeah licensing.

I told you all it would happen.

Do not feel alone, as a heathen I help my direct competition all the time :slight_smile:

Maybe we will get some good luck because of it.

For the record I have recieved help and jobs from my direct competition as well.

Your welcome! :twisted:

Thanks it is always appreciated.

this industry needs an apprenticeship program similiar to appraisers or a higher standard to qualify. I almost lost a $1400 commercial inspection to an unqualified licensed HI yesterday - he quoted $225 on a 6400 sf bldg w/parking lot. He had it until he told buyer he would focus on the carpet as he used to sell carpet and could get him a good deal to replace what was probably, almost certainly, going to need replacement

LOL! Glad to see your client was protected.