Have you all seen the new proposed wind mit form?

Send me a regular email if you want it.

We have to do something to stop this crap.

Do you all feel that what they are asking us to do is even safe.

I would say 1/2 of the time it is not safe to attempt to get the kind of info they want.

The sad thing is they want all this crap and 1/2 of it will not matter.

IF YOU CAN RESIZE PDF’S send me a email and I will send it to you to re-size and post here.

And all for $75.00!!!

Here for your reading pleasure

…better copy

Prices are going to have to go up with that one.

Thanks for resizing John. What program did you use?

We have to stop it.

Forget about doing it period. It is not even safe to try to do that all on most houses. Find and photo all this crap. They are in La La land. I think we all need to group together and have a good lawyer contact the OIR and Osha should also be made aware of what we must to to provide proof and pictures like that.

I put up a better copy. That was Adobe Acrobat 9

I wonder if I could have resized it with acrobat X? I have not tried it out much.

Yes. Have seen it and have also tried to convince them AGAIN that you CANNOT create a paper form that is trying to accomplish two contradicting things…1) Have information on the form to help the inspector/contractor do the wind mitigation inspection right…and 2) use the same form to show the results of the wind mitigation inspection in an easy to understand format for the client. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN !!! This form will continue to grow in length and complexity if it continues down this path.
Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

WTF? and Im just learning how to perform the wind mitigation inspection, now with this new form, the insurance department really don’t want the homeowner to get discount:mad:

Yeah I saw this on another post Nick made a few weeks back. My favorite is asking us to determine what type of nail is used, ring shank, smooth shank, etc, when the flowchart the OIR gives insurance companies to program in the discount doesn’t take any of that into account. If this form does go through, I am raising my price to at least $90 or $95. No more of this $75 bs. If they don’t want to pay it, thats fine, go somewhere else.

My price will double and I’m not cheap now.

I agree with you Steve!

Reminds me of my math teacher that made you show your work.
Ya gotta love calling a truss toenailed if the clip is miss nailed

John, start writing the new wind mit class…

its better than the current format, imo

Well its definitely more defined for sure Dennis, goes back to that whole 2 nails is not a clip thing Citizens is pulling with all the reinspections. At least now everything is clearly defined nail wise as to what they are looking for. I can tell you Citizens has a large hand in this form redesign. For better or worse I have no comment…

I agree.

same credits just different jibber jabber. They did away with the retarded flat roof thingy, besides that, it parlays the same info.

I’m waiting for Nachi to update their wind mitigation course now, I will have to retake the course if they update it:mad:, are we require to use this new form now?, it is already in effect now? man… this is BS