Wind-mit here we go again!

I’m a Southeast Florida Inspector and wanted to know if any other inspection firms out there are getting this request from your insurance companies. The request is a partial Wind-Mit or Opening Protection Only Wind-Mit. Basically my understanding is you only fill in the customer info and the opening protection section on the OIR-B1-1802 Form. The insurance companies are saying others are doing this (not Me) at an already cut rate. Can we do this? Should we do this? Is this something new that I missed somewhere? Nothing mention in the Orlando Conference on this. What’s your thought on this? Any Direction?:roll:

Question one :slight_smile:
What is your advertised price and what do you charge most of the time for wind mits.

I ask because you are in my yard :slight_smile:

Wll we will see if you are an honest fellow or not :slight_smile:

Another example of me helping my direct competition :slight_smile:

Yes no sweat I do them and often. I mark everything except for question 7 as NOT INSPECTED in big *** bold letters. I charge the same exact price.

I did my part now you do yours. Keep prices high as you can on each inspection. Get what you can every time. DO NOT BUNDLE insurance inspections. Tell the folks they are each individual inspections so they each have an individual price.

Good luck. Feel free to contact me anytime as I will always help all who ask even if my direct competition.

Good luck.

I don’t advertise them but $150 is what I get. But I know you’ll beat my prices all the time and that’s fine with me. I try to get the most like anyone else and I don’t talk bad about any of my competitors especially Inter-Nachi members. My motto. Thanks! Meek.

Anytime :slight_smile:

At least us guys in this part of SFL seem to help even our direct competition.

I figure its better to have your competition be your friend instead of your enemy :slight_smile:

I’ll crush an enemy in a blink of an eye, a friend is always good to have.

If I’m signing the OIR-Form 1802, then it will be completely filled out, not partially.

What you do is entirely up to your business style; I won’t mess around with partial forms and unnecessary exposure or scrutiny.


Do them all the time as well as hip roof verification. It’s just documentation nothing to get excited about.

If you choose to do this…just make sure you X through the sections you didn’t do…so they can’t be “completed” for you…

Digitally secured documents can’t be altered, at least in my software. However you can print them and just like money , if somebody want’s to do something illegal they can find a way and do not need my form to do it. I label them what they are and file them as such. Like Michelle says it is a good idea to take as many precautions as you can but there is a limit as to how much I worry about fraud when it occurs in every industry no matter what.

I can alter ANY image especially docs with little to no effort. You just turn into a jpg and use Photoshop or the likes :slight_smile: I could very likely take anyone’s completed form and just remove what I wanted and put back in whatever I wanted. Thing is just keep copies so you can always say that’s not what I sent :slight_smile:

Michael, been on Manor Forest Trail recently - ha ha.

Got a call from an agent questioning why I marked the structure & roof FBC compliant. Palm Beach County property built in 1996. I told him I’d check & call back.

Turns out the form was altered/fraudulent. They also changed it to the current owner’s name, not the one I did it for 2 years ago. Uh oh! :twisted:

He told me he’ll have the owner call for a new one.
That was on Tuesday.
No call yet.
Gotta feeling no one’s going to call. If they do, I plan to just shut up about it, do a new one & take their money.
But again, I don’t think I’ll get the call.

I am very very surprised I do not see more. The only one I ever came across of mine being used was a guy I was working with before inspectors could do them or make any money off it. The piece of crap just started putting my info on his own forms. No one did nothing about it either as no one really cares. not the OIR, Not the insurance Company Not InterNACHI…No One BUT ME gave a rats ***. That was a wake up call for me that made me realize that the whole legal mumbo jumbo crap about it was a joke and no one gives a crap :frowning:

Does John sign the wind-mit form or leaves it blank


I’ve been asked to only do an opening section inspection on the form. As Wayne stated and Michelle, take the precautions and you should be fine.


WTF just disregard me and my brilliant words…:wink:

Just playing.

Every one have a great Sunday night. Chicken Legs in the smoker awaiting the grill for finishing Mmmmmmmmmmmm :smiley:

I have a whole stack of Johns signed forms I send out to agents and charge them 50 bucks. All they have to do is fill in whatever they want! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I don’t do partial forms…

2 honest questions.



Do you not realize how it might help you clients to do so?

Not trying to offend you or anyone else but they is a major reason I think many of you have just not thought of and are not aware of. It is why I do them.

Besides my rep as the black sheep.

I really can’t see any downside to doing partials if that’s what the insurance company has requested they need. Where’s the problem? Charge what you like it doesn’t matter. Yoiur getting paid for an honest service. Just my opinion of course, but I get paid to inspect whether they want an inspection of the electrical system, roof or HVAC makes no difference to me.


We have done many of them as some of the other do. We just red X out the other sections. No big deal