Unknow substance - need help ID'ing

Has anyone seen something like this? What type of insect produces this. Looks like very very small brown/black sprinkles lightly adhered to wood and each other. They are pretty hard too. Picture attached

Wood destroying insect

Consult a qualified pest control contractor immediately for extermination and identification of any structural damage and required repairs is also advised

The few times that I ran into something like that, it turned out that it was honey dripping from a beehive in the eaves. The bees had gained access through damaged soffits. The first time I was able to find out that the bee people had been to the house and killed a bee colony. However, the bee hive had never been removed and with no bees around to do maintenance, the honey had dripped out, solidified, and discolored.

Other causes or multiple causes are possible.

What part of the country was this found…Photo is not clear enough to make a positive ID. Possible Termites either Drywoods or Subs. Again Photo not clear enough.

House is in CT. Here is a larger picture.


Sure it is not asphalt?

I think Barry was correct in the first place. My guess is Eastern Sub Termites but without a real close up of the substance, it is just a guess. Any signs along the foundation or basement walls?

Either way, a licensed PCO should be contacted for further inspection.

The pest inspector and home inspector have never seen it before. They said there were no signs of wood destroying insects at house. I’m turning to the web for answers. Will probably take off part/side of soffits for an in-wall visual.