Unknown substance at wall

I got a call for a water intrusion evaluation. When I got there, I knew this was not water…the residue was oily and sticky. My first thought was a honey bee hive in the wall, but no evidence of bees flying around above the wall. Not urine either. Owner noticed this just in the last few weeks.

This is a frame wall separating the rear porches on a townhouse building. No refrigerant lines above. After a little head scratching, I noticed that the slab had been treated for termites and then asked the owner when this was done. He said about 4-5 years ago. Could this be pesticide oozing out of the cold joint after all this time? I did take a bulk sample and was wondering if EMSL can identify the substance for me. I will call tomorrow, but has anybody seen this happen before, or could it be something else?

Looks like vinyl siding on the wall. Would they allow you to remove some sections to get.a closer look at the subsrate? What is at the top of the wall section?

I did remove the top piece of siding (wasn’t going to remove all the siding). Nothing there, plywood over stud wall, with tyvek.

It may be the oils from the insulation’s fire retardant paper leaking out. All depending how it was installed. Looks like any type of diagnosis will require some additional removal of building materials.

Maybe Sean isn’t too busy, and he could come over and rip off the siding for you.

I’ve seen video of him doing that in Tennessee.

I’m not sure if he would bring his reciprocating saw and sledgehammer, though, unless you pay him a little extra! :mrgreen:

I have pulled off siding and removed drywall on homes where the home owner has hired me. Sometimes destructive testing is the only way to truly know what is going on. I did have them sign a contract stating that destructive testing was going to be done. I also put the home back together when I was done.

I feel that is what needs to be done in this case.

My guess is…
Psychomagnotheric Slime (also known as Mood Slime and Psycho-Reactive Slime) is a powerful psycho-reactive substance in Ghostbusters II and Ghostbusters that responds to human emotional states, both positive and negative, from which its reactions depends. It’s main characteristic is an ability to open portals for ghosts to enter our realm, and it can also animate objects.:mrgreen:

I believe Michael Clark sees this often in VW along with chewing tobacco spit.

lol. The only sticky substance I’ve seen on walls is when inspecting Adult Video places and Topless Bars…:mrgreen: