unorthodox commercial set up

imagine 3 side by side separate entry leases in 1 building

service comes into center lease with interior main panel for all 3 units, with branch metering

there is no access from the other leases for any type of ocd control/lock out, repair, servicing, upgrade or inspection without center unit lessor provision & allowance of access

what’s your spin on this set up?

I would say that don’t sound right at all Barry.
That should all be installed in an accessible area like the exterior.

Were there panels in each tenant space? What you describe sounds very common with metering and service in one location.

I’m just going to throw a guess out there. Its sounds like it was originally a single unit divided into 3. With not giving access to panel for the other 2 units, I would suspect not a permitted division or interior doors providing access were locked and not allowing access

I’m thinking everyone would have to try to get along with door number two…

There is an exception in the NEC that would permit an installation like this however it’s highly restrictive. A similar requirement for access to the OCPD’s is in article 240.

Jim-not per client
will know more after 08-13-14 inspex