Unpaid Inspections

I just had an unsolicited phone call from a company “Unpaid Inspections” with an automated message directing me to their website


Has anyone else had a similar experience with these people?

I just got one too

I just got my call…

just had same call 10 min ago

Me too…30% recovery fee seems very reasonable. This could be a good way to recover deadbeat debts for those that might have incurred them. Luckily, I have never had that problem.

Over the years I’ve had one non payment. It was from an out of state client. I talked to my attorney and he recommended getting paid before the inspection for out of staters. I have not been stiffed since nor had a complaint about requiring payment in advance.:smiley:

So…I rteally don’t have need for the service these phone calls offer but 30%, if they recover, isn’t bad.

I just got the same call. Not worth it to me.

Short of breaking legs or arms it might be something to consider!!:stuck_out_tongue: </IMG>

i just got one too!

I got the call too.

Calling 10,000 members at the same time, sounds like they might be pretty efficient, I will add them to my favorites just in case.

Since the sales pitch was soft and concise, I gave them the benefit of browsing the site. Sounds like a reasonable service but I’m not sure if I’ll ever have use for it.

Got the same call about 7:15 eastern time.

Phone messages turn me off. i had to put a paying customer on hold because of his message. I figure if you want me to use your services you talk to me. He is on my NO list.

I got one too…

Me to, on my cell

Yes, they made a unsolicated call to me tonight also. I did not answer, he left a message and I erased it.

I tell them that my phone numbers are registered with the federal ‘no call’ list. Then I ask what company they are representing, including full names, and corporate addresses.

They hang up, real quick like :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

I just got the call.


That would work with a live caller, in this case it was a recording!