Unusual construction

Notice these vertical joist supports for this single story bedroom addition built in the late 90’s. There is concrete below, not much, appears to be spillover from the stem wall pour, the 2x’s are shot into the stem wall with a powder fastener, and H clips placed at the top. The 4x beams above do not index into a pocket in the wall, they simply abut it. Joists above the beam run perpendicular. Sure looks problematic to me. Looking for feedback as I finish up the report.


Darin I have seen this before and according to the engineering authority all beams must be supported according to
R606.14 and this would apply.
Needs to have 3 inches bearing and must be able to distribute the load safely.
My rule would be to add further support to hold that beam and it would be in my report. Since that looks like a sand base I would also recommend a plastic barrier or poly and proper support and footing under the beam.

I think Darin knows to disregard anything ever posted by wood. International Code does not apply to CA.

In general, CA requires positive anchoring. This appears to be an added beam. Without a soffit, the beam would require a hanger attached directly to the concrete foundation with proper fasteners.

Yes I have heard allot of things don’t apply down there.
But your question applies to support not uplift.

I’m not !

Fear the Pope and worship him like a God. LOL

Thanks gentlemen for the feedback.