Unusual cracks in the ground in crawl space

Other than the obvious in this photo (missing vapor barrier), has any one come across finding cracks in the ground in the crawl space? This crack in the ground started at the front of the home and went almost all the way to the back of the home. Didn’t see any cracking in the foundation walls where it was starting and ending though.

Looks to me at one time the soil was damp/wet and now that the ground has dried up it has cracked.


I agree Gerry , we see a lot down here

I agree with Gerry & Wayne as well. I have seen this type of cracking, but only in very dry weather (which is not too common in SE Virginia). The good news, at least the crawl space appears to be dry.

Thanks for the comments/inputs gentlemen.



I often see similar cracks like that down here in San Diego. I agree with Gerry.

Good to see pictures like this. Here in MN, I rarely see crawlspaces; education from other areas is great!

Types of cracks in soil are often determined by the mix of the soil…ie. sand, clay, silty, loamy, etc… obviously certain mixtures will result in greater cracking which may or may not affect the foundation.

I would be more concerned if cracking was prevalent throughout…you noted that no foundation cracking was noted so based upon my I would simply note to any prior moisture infiltration which may affect the foundation / subfloor system.



Those are exactly the types of cracks under houses that indicate a housing development built over an ancient Indian burial ground. Ever see “Poltergeist”? If I were you I would disclaim every system in this house because they are all about to fall apart. I saw that movie!

I found a crack that runs along the front of a home’s foundation from end to end. The crack is within 2’-3’ from the front foundation wall and runs about 30’ in length. My 14’ screw driver slipped into the crack with ease, not finding any firm ground. The home has several cracks in the brick veneer on the exterior of the foundation, and a few vertical cracks found in the block foundation wall. The garage also has a crack in the perimeter foundation wall and significant cracks with rippled tape lines in the drywall. The interior of the home has multiple cracks in drywall throughout the first floor (foyer, dining room, kitchen). The soil in the crawl space is damp/wet and it had rained for several days prior to the inspection. I’m thinking this crack is likely related to the cracks in the foundation and drywall and may be evidence of foundation movement. Your thoughts?

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By the looks of it Christopher, it appears typical/normal/usual. The vapour barrier does not cover all the soil. It should.
The soil under the plastic barrier will remain moist longer than the exposed soil. The tarp impedes natural soil evaporation. The contracted soil line is aligned with where the trap ends.
Recommend: The plastic barrier cover ‘all the soil’ in the crawlspace.

Most times in crawl spaces that don’t put expansion joints or cut it.