Unusual Foundation Post

Just did an inspection and found a foundation post that looks like a wooden barrel. Is this an older style that was used in older homes or is this something that was just wedged in there. I should note that there were other inappropriate foundation posts in this house such as wooden legs for tables and 2x6s which is why I am obviously concerned about this type. Thanks in advance!

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Well, it’s better than CMU blocks that we normally see stacked the wrong way.

Were the barrels filled with concrete?


Yes they were filled with concrete

Beats building forms, I guess.
Any footing visible?

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That Botton barrel looks almost big enough for a footing, depending on the load… :cowboy_hat_face:

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I didn’t see any footings. Just dirt around it and the rest was covered with that vapor barrier

Appears to be empty barrels used as forms. The wider bottom barrel a wood distillers cask.
The top thinner barrel a metal or plastic drum.

Due to the circumference of the bottom column a footing may not be required.

I believe that was already indicated.

Since you have other TEMPORARY supports and will be recommending review and correction by a competent foundation contractor WHY worry over 1 more. Get on with it