Unusual House Pet

In the backyard of today’s inspection. And yes, it’s alive.

Purty Birdie!

I’m from Northern California…almost every yard had one–or more–of those way back when.

And man, could they screech!!!

Not around s. Florida i found this durring a 4 point today. it was a pet already. My wife said did you ask if it needed a new home. We already have 3.

Tiger? Looks ferocious!!:mrgreen:

Andrew I went to a house in Sycamore IL. and heard something SCREAMING outside it was Erie. The owner had Peacock’s

Peacocks are good WATCH dogs, they scream at anything that moves.

I’ll trade my two 6’ snakes in the rafters today for that peacock!??

LOL Snakes
Welcome to TN. At least they keep the mice down.
so far snakes, Deer, Possum, And a large number of mean *** dogs . Not to mention Black widows in the crawl spaces. got to love this job. got 2 bites from black widows last year. Had a fight to the death with a po Possum , a Cat on the back. And found a very large dead dog. Now that scared me i seen the bones and thought crap someone is buried here lol

Saw a gold fish yesterday. Made me nervous. All it did was float there on it’s back, staring at me all the time through those evil foggy eyes !!! :shock:

Isn’t possum a delicacy down yonder?

If you like that, I hear they got a hard shell variety down Texas way…;-):mrgreen:

Fried in butter Yep

Possum is to Tennessee as Lobsters are to Maine.
I gave it some thought and I think Lobsters is on the menu. :mrgreen:

This is a picture of InterNACHI staffer Lisa Enza’s house pig.

Lisa’s pig, sleeping on her bed like a baby.

I just bought a new Grill. ???:mrgreen::twisted:

Sorry Lisa, couldn’t resist. ;):smiley:

Only if it has been tenderized with at least 2 steel belted radials first. :wink:

Damn, I HATE snakes… :frowning:

Al (in the rafters?) in TN

LOL my brother had one those dang pigs, it was a watch pig. bite my foot broke 2 toes
I told him if it did that again we’d have bacon.

I like pigs too…