Make sure to look everywhere!

The inspector was being inspected on this job. Make sure you look in all the corners, who knows what you will see!

at least it was a domestic animal

I would put that PIC in the report as evidence that inspector did a thorough inspection.

I had a cat in an attic a couple of months ago. The picture went into the report and also on my company facebook page. :wink:

Russell, I am so glad to see you are getting ***** on the job!

You added some interest with that comment Pete.

Russ, if you did that with a zoom camera, you have a very steady hand and a pretty good camera. Except for one thing…that photo was taken a month in the future.:wink:

I saved this little guy today from certain death in a pool. Now he is in the lap of luxury :slight_smile: Like all the other critters that live here except me.

little one.jpg

I found this little guy yesterday

eeeewwwwww f dem crawls. Nightmarish. Luckily not to many down South and I have yet to see a “safe” one :slight_smile: I let someone else HAVE them. Too many creepy crawlies deadly critters around here. I’ll walk in any swamp or forest Day or Night but do not want to corner nothing under no building.

I have seen a lot of dead cats but never a mummified one in a hateful pose. it was eerie (right next to a cistern the house was built over the top of)

Better you than Me :slight_smile: