Unusual outlet

Does anybody know what kind an outlet is seen in this picture? I have not seen this type before. What would it be used for? Thanks to all!

Can you post what is written on it. Image is blurry.
I have not seen anything like it. Sorry

Hey, the image is blurry can’t make out what it could be!

Patrick…one just like that was posted a long time ago on the board. I can’t find the post right now but I’ll keep looking. I’m pretty sure it turned out to be an antennae connection for a 1930-ish radio. The antennae itself was in the attic. The unusual pin configuration prohibited any electrical cord from being plugged into it.

Yep…that’s what it is…the top is the antenna, the bottom is the power:


Good find Michael.

Thanks for your help! I was stuck on this one. It was in the living room of an old Baltimore row home, so it certainly makes sense that it was for an antenae!! Thanks again!

de nada!

Thanks Michael! It’s true, one learns something new everyday!!