Never Seen Before Outlet

Has anyone ever seen an outlet like this before? It’s live and has 120V. Painted ends of the screws to prevent shock I’m assuming. High risk for a child for sure.

There is another one in the other room that is a double screw-in type outlet and it’s connected to an older ceiling fan.

300 ohm TV antenna wire connection.


Hmmm, thank you very much, Roy. Interesting enough to know what it’s for and what it’s not intended for. Apparently, it’s being used for something other than a TV antenna. Yikes!!!

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Wall Plate with Screw Terminals for TV/radio antenna or intercom.


Why do you say that?

There is 120V that is being fed to this and it lives where a child can and will touch can be dangerous. I’m still going to document this as a potential hazard when I know the buyers have two young ones who are under the age of five. But nonetheless, switching it out with a normal outlet or GFIC if needed would be less hazardous.

Did you test for voltage across the screws?


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I’ve never seen it before, but if I did, and those screws tested 120 VAC, I’d be writing it up as a saftey hazard as well.


It’s common to see capacitive coupling of house wiring with those old antennas. A “sniffer” type tester might give a false voltage indication but a wiggy or loZ multimeter won’t.


Just curious, how did you come to this conclusion? What tools were used?



Inquiring minds would like to know. If he didn’t use the lick test I’d doubt his results.


Good one.
You beat me to it…

did You check to see what kind of wire was feeding device ???

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Could’ve determined voltage…maybe.


you stop doing that once You get metal fillings or bridgework…


It’s funny thing you say that. I actually licked my thumb and touched one terminal and used my other hand to cover my ear while I touched the other terminal with my tongue.

I’m a dedicated home inspector who only tests the unknown(s) voltage using the body parts God gave me. So I guestimate around 120 volts.

Now back in the day, many people used to call me Ed and always used the word “Special” in front. So confused and to this day I don’t get it.

Anyhow, on a serious note, there was another one outside; the same outlet with the two little screws. Considering it was outside I decided to bring back the old days of cow tipping and peeing on the prongs to see if I got a shock. It wasn’t the shock that bothered me, it was the cold water on the ground when I lost control of my manhood when the buyers arrived in mid-stream.

ALL CLEAR ~ SAFE! :slight_smile:


Still no reply to how you made the original determination of 120v. There’s a lesson here, but you must share the REST of the story. Did you use one of these?


I used a multimeter (AC) for the test. In addition, considering it’s beyond the scope of a visual inspection I felt it was in the best interests of the client to put on my inspector cap and see what is behind the cover. What I found was a 20ga speaker wire as a conductor. Surprisingly the speaker wire wasn’t melted powering the ceiling fan for all those years.

No, I didn’t but I do have two of these. I had my multimeter in proximity to where I was in the home and just grabbed that.