Unvented, Conditioned Crawlspaces...

What do you guys know about “Unvented, Conditioned Crawlspaces?” I ran into my first one the other day, and although I didn’t see anything that out of the ordinary, that is for the exception of insulated foundation walls instead of the the flooring, and no ventilation, I didn’t see anything else that alarming. But I figure I better learn more about them now. Anyone got any experience with them?

Thanks ahead of time for any input,




Thanks Roy!

Check to make sure that is conditioned, served by HVAC for the house, such as one or more supply ducts and a return air or opening to the rest of the house that allows the air in the crawlspace to be exchanged and conditioned. Crawlspace temperatures should be within a few degrees of the house. Cold spots are where condensation will occur. Bare dirt should be covered, a concrete slab is preferred, but heavy plastic is probably OK if it is sealed with tape or glue. There should not be any standing water.