Client thought this was a slab

Crawl had some moisture concerns.

Client was really glad they hired an inspector. Agent was helpful in locating hatch.

Seems it would be best to convert to a heated crawlspace. This one was unheated. Pipes had froze as there were heating cables on the pipes.

Felt like I was in the tropics!!

174410 0731.jpg

174410 0801.jpg

174410 0781.jpg

wow, that could have been a problem for sure. nice catch

Now they probably wish it was on a slab.

I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I knew I was residing on top of a Rats Nest—:shock:

What is holding that insulation in place?


Moisture, mold. Actulally just compressed in place.

You got that right Dale.

A CMI would report that the Slab Settled David. :wink:

No moisture barrier?

You say moister in the crawl space ! Looks more like some sort of sewer sump !:D:D

good job there Mr Macy