Upcoming Florida Inspection Training Videos

Upcoming Florida Inspection Training VideosComing Soon…

Sounds like it was fun. It sure sucked I could not walk when you all did it :slight_smile:

I should be good for the seawall stuff and got plenty of house from the ate 50’s to this year :slight_smile: most likely in a 1/2 mile radius. Would be great if we had some sort of incentive to give participants. I have walls from the late 50’s to today in one spot. We just need them to say yes :slight_smile: Should be fairly easy as they are NOT uptight around here.

I volunteer mine and it likely has plenty of defects :slight_smile: that’s one likely redone or re surfaced in the mid to late 80’s from the original.

You will need brave film and sound people and the inspector or / engineer willing to wade the muck. Scary short for newbies :smiley: stone fish for sure and the occasional Bull Shark. But I have NEVER been attacked here and been in the water more times then I would have liked to have been. :smiley: You will also have to time it with the tides.

Great stuff. Can’t wait to see them.

Sounds good!
Keep up the great work Ben:cool: