Sink hole inspections

Sink Hole Inspections: I’m sure everyone has recieved the Inspection Depot training ad. During a recent post, it was only an issue in a limited area. Is that still the case?

Anyone have any details about these inspections?

Where are these inspections going to be required?

From what I’ve been told its going to be Pinellas, Hillsborough, Hernando, and Pasco counties mostly (I imagine they may have some limited amounts in other areas of the state, probably in areas where their claims experience indicates active sinkhole activity. I know Security First has requested them through IDepot as far south as Lee county). Not sure yet if its just new business or existing policy stock. The inspections will be inside and exterior inspections looking for signs of settlement cracks, ie driveway, exterior walls, and drywall inside. I am attending the training class October 13th in Tampa and will probably have a much broader overview of the program then. If you want more information, either shoot me an email, or talk to me at the October event.

I’ll be their in October. Look forward to meeting!


Will this training allow you to do the inspections for Citizens policies? I have been told that only a select few companies will be doing the inspections.

I called on a new agent today in Volusia County and they wanted to know if I did sinkhole inspections. They said, Tower Hill and a couple others will start requiring them everywhere. They also seemed to think this inspection should go for about $50. Anyone looked into the HI’s insurance to provide these $50 sinkhole inspections which most certainly will lead to claims and suits?