Update on FREE online commercials customized for each NACHI member.

We got in a portable blue screen today. We can take it to chapter meetings and film NACHI members in front of it so as to create online commercials for them that promote their inspection businesses.

The blue screen is used to permit us to delete it during the editing process and replace it with an infinite number of backgrounds (in front of a house, in front of a building, on a roof top, etc) so that every commercial we produce will be customized for every member.

See a PIC of Dee in front of the new portable blue screen: http://www.nachi.org/images06/bluescreen.jpg

Coming to a chapter meeting near you!

You can superimpose my image inspecting the White House. That should
make me look good. :slight_smile:

You can superimpose my image inspecting Paris Hilton’s new Beverly Hills estate. That should make me look way better than John. :wink:

I think you mentioned elswhere, how long the commercials would be. If someone worked on some generic scripts that members could fill in the blanks they could get them in advance to choose from. They could also change them to their liking and practice them in advance in front of a mirror so they don’t look goofy (or in some cases goofier).:smiley:

Also, can these be edited and converted for use in actual TV commercials?

You could always use the text from a spot runner ad to get the juices flowing.

That’s a good idea. It would be useful to use those to come up with a few (or more) optional scripts for people to go over.

If someone has some free time (or maybe a wife or a girlfriend), could they transpose the spot runner ads to text and post it? I’d love to do it but I’m just flat out of time. It could be useful to everyone taking advantage of the free commercials.

Everyone has to keep in mind that they probably should not be used AS IS since they may be copywritten, but saying the same thing is somewhat different wording would cover that issue.