Florida Coalition update?

Just checking in. Does anyone have any updated or latest information from the Florida Coalition? What is happening with the rule making process? How about “Standards of Practice”? Does anyone have any information to share with the rank and file home inspectors?

I recieved this email, may be news to some.

It would be great if when DBPR finally approves my application and issues my license I knew what the SOP that I had to follow was.

I don’t even see your name on the list. Did you just send in your application?

Yes I was in no hurry but have now submitted it. I was hoping to get cert # under 10,000.

Who are these guys I admit I feel stupid for not knowing. Anybody got a list of who is in this coalition?

Bob Farr is the leader. I think that Kelly Cox represents our area. Joe and I went to a meeting in Orlando. They don’t like the NACHI guys.

InterNACHI opposed the proposed SOP. If adopted, FL inspectors will be forced to use the world’s worst-written SOP.

I will be quite vocal regarding FABI future contributions to any lobbyists at the FABI conference next week. Not like it will do any good hasn’t in the past. I think DBPR ought to at least have a couple of meetings with the inspectors here in a public forum to help iron out objections to Mr. Rowans interpretation of what the SOP ought to be before it is implemented. Maybe I am being unreasonable…Nah.

InterNACHI refused to sign off on it and has asked the DBPR to exempt InterNACHI members from it provided they abide by our existing SOP.

Well, if you have determined it to be the worst why am I in suspense wondering what it is? POST IT. I’ll tell you what I think.

Do you have a copy of it. Please post or email it to me if you do.

It is not mine to post. InterNACHI was asked to sign off on it and we refused. We instead have asked the Department to exempt InterNACHI members from being required to use it, provided we use InterNACHI’s existing SOPs.

That is one of the reasons that Joe and I left FABI. We didn’t want to support the lobbyist. That was the only way that we could voice our objection.

That capitulation from DBPR to NACHI would be a surprise that would likely cause me to have a heart attack. I would hope DBPR would instead choose to consult (they have in the past) with concerned individuals to determine what a middle ground might be. No offense is intended but I don’t think I want Mr. Rowans interpretation, Mr. Farr’s or any other individual to determine this. Sadly, I would place a bet on the opposing team right now.

Michael is a friend of mine, but totally unqualified to write an SOP. He is a member of a known diploma mill (ASHI) which should disqualify him from any leadership role in our fine profession. When you see the piece of toilet paper these guys came up with, you’ll agree and understand why Florida’s, the nation’s and the world’s largest inspection trade association refused to sign off on it. We are confident that we can convince the DBPR to exempt InterNACHI members from this so-called SOP.

Thanks Nick, for making InterNACHI a leader not a follower.

Does this mean that NACHI is no longer participating in the “Coalition or Council?”

Our objecting to the idiotic SOP is a form of participation. They didn’t even spell check it. I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting the DBPR to grant InterNACHI members an exemption from it.

Thanks for looking out Nick…