Updated Commercial Wind Mit Form

Citizens Insurance came out with an updated Commercial Wind Mitigation Form - MIT-BT II & III (6/1/18 ):


More information here:

20180619 - Updated Building Type II and III Mitigation Inspection Form - Commercial Lines Bulletin - Citizens

I was wondering if they would ever revise that. Thanks Michael

Nice and thanks…
Can you make it editable for us?

So they just are taking over the OIR openly now :frowning:

I always thought the OIR made wind mit forms :frowning:

Glad I never use any of those :smiley:

Form almost exactly the same

Yeah. Very similar. Additional requirements related to the roof, photos and signatures is what I see, but it is essentially the same.

However, in the bulletin, it says this:

“Note: This form can be used as an addendum to the mitigation form for Personal Lines (OIR-B1-1802) to capture specific mitigation features for CR-M and CR-W risks with four or more stories.”

…and they also kept this in the form…

“This Inspection Form is required for either residential condominium unit owners or commercial residential applicants requesting mitigation credits in such buildings.”

The 1802 form is generally accepted for condo units, even in high-rise buildings. However, will things now change for inspectors who only hold a Home Inspectors License but are doing Wind Mitigation Inspections for individual high-rise condo units (especially for units over 30 feet above grade)? Will Citizens begin asking for the MIT-BT II & III form (a form that Licensed Home Inspectors cannot complete) as an addendum to the 1802 in order to get certain wind mit credits?

Likely they are IDIOTS and will screw EVERYONE they can whenever they can with NO FEAR OF the GOVERNMENT getting involved. The OIR needs to be totally torn apart and rebuilt to actually service the citizens of America instead of being Citizens bit-h. Despicable.

Meeker, would you please stop with your rants. You have no idea what you talking about.

Not anytime soon.

It is a corrupt as fuk system weather you can see it or not.

You just complain all the time.

Yup I call em like I see em :smiley:

Never been one to just suck up to all and tow a company line.

Not referring to anyone personally.