Wind mitigation inspection, multi unit residential

I want to do a wind mit on a 8 unit residential complex. I remember vaguely a different form for a wind mit but only for a home with a certain value. Is there a different form for a multi unit structure? Do I need a different class to fill them out? In the past I just did reports for each unit. No problems i’m aware of.
Thanks, Bob

If it’s more than a 4 unit dwelling, the OIR 1802 form isn’t used.
I believe you need the Type II & III Form, and it requires specific licenses.
Link to Citizens page here.

Thanks Dom.
I dislike citizens.
I’ve done several under my state of Florida residential contractors license. But can a home inspector do a multi-unit wind MIT inspection?

No, see attached.

When Gerry and I would do these we had a GC sign off on it. The going rate was 10% of the final discount, sometimes that was over two grand.

Thanks Dominic, I thought there were different forms for the larger structures. As I read the intro to the form though it says the form is for condos in 4 story and above. My inspect is supposed to be on a 2 story building. So stick with the 1802?

This Mitigation Inspection Form must be completed to capture mitigation features applicable to a Type II (4 to 6 story) or Type
III (7 or more story) building. This Inspection Form is required for either residential condominium unit owners or commercial
residential applicants requesting mitigation credits in such buildings.

One more development on the job. The customers insurance is asking for a lift inspection for the tile roof. I have been through the roof class, wind mit class, general building class and I have never heard of this type of inspection. Anybody else? I’m in SW Florida where wind damage is a very real problem. I’m guessing they want to know how well the roof is secured to the deck but I’m not sure. By the way, does anyone have a site or blog documenting the insurance companies list of disqualifying features? It seems that they find a new pet project to identify each year or is it just me?

Again, according to the guidelines on the top of the form a type II and type lll structure is 4 stories and above. Right? So what about 1-3 story buildings? Thanks guys, I have done the same in the past but it has been a while. Thanks for the reminder.