Updated Realtor Power Point?

Hey Nick!

Just tried to open the Nachi realtor presentation ppt. and got a pop up saying the older format was not able to load. I think the presentation is from 2008.

Any chance you could have one of your wonderful staff work on updating the presentation for 2013? It would be a very valuable tool!



Why let them suffer from death by Power Point? Try this instead: http://www.nachi.org/realtors-hand-out-your-card.htm

Hmmm, “Death by powerpoint”?
Well, I was hoping it would be an enjoyable and edifying powerpoint.

As far as the ICU’s go, I can’t imagine why a realtor would be interested in that? They’re not out there trying to build a house so why be riveted by a construction material?

I may have it .
Could always send you a pdf version.But you should be able to load older versions through settings.

Load it into Prezi instead: http://prezi.com/ and spice it up some.

Dom, Prezi is awesome.

Thomas, my point is to keep in mind the product you are promoting is… you. So my advice is to make sure it doesn’t turn into a “Look how cool my presentation is” meeting. Or worse, a “This is what a home inspector does” industry presentation.

It should be all about you… and why they should refer you. You can add some humor but don’t make it a comedy routine.

You mean like this ?


Page not found error Bob.


No time to edit but click the lower left hand Prezi symbol to see the slides.

I can add a group edit here somewhere which is what I tried before.

This one should allow anybody to edit so have fun.http://prezi.com/pnq1v82js5a_/edit/?auth_key=zfcnxx7&follow=-pwpxugu9ufo

Bob, still not working…

"We are sorry…

The presentation you wanted to join either did not exist, or it has already ended.
Please check the URL and come back!

Thank you for your patience,
The Prezi team"

Thanks for the heads up Dom, that looks like a good site.

I clicked on the lower link on Bob’s post and it worked fine ( one after the sentence “anyone can edit this…”

I think it’ll only work if you’re logged into Prezi at the time.

No, I don’t think it could possibly become a comedy routine given the subject matter! :wink: I guess one thing I’d need to decide before I make up a presentation is finding out what the audience is there for. If they’re newbie REAs and they are in fact trying to get an overview of the home inspection process then then it shouldn’t be all about me.

If I’m at a brokerage to try and drum up work then yes it should be all about how wonderful I am and that they just met the best home inspector on the planet.

Regardless I think it might be a nice project for Nachi to put together a Prezi presentation outline that members could build off of…

Second link should be working as able to edit ,but the first may be dead.
You may as Dom said need to sign in to see it but so what it is worth it.