New Realtor Presentation

Have an opportunity to present what a home inspector does to a group of new realtors. Does NACHI or anyone out there have a 20-25 minute power point presentation with this subject??

This question is becoming a weekly occurance :stuck_out_tongue: Go here:

Thanks for the reply!!

Could be a result of all the Homeowners Manuals being distributed. :smiley:

Thanks, just started my company and needed the same help.

Tried the HVAC one… no workie?

You would be be better served speaking just as long as the donuts last. :smiley:

But if you like the Realtors that much I believe Will Decker made some pretty good power points, contact him.

Hey Mike, have you been able to put something together? I have a power point presentation I’ve used with new realtors, used several photos from other inspectors here on the board . . . let me know if you’d like a copy.

If you want to bore them show them a home presentation.

I’m currently working with other inspectors who are new to the business and have getting good results.

If you like call me.




I’ve given presentations to the board of realtors in my town and they were not the least bit bored. I give a good presentation and joke around with them alot. It’s really all in what you make of it. I talk alot about what people can do to prepare their houses for spring, baby proofing, safety…stuff any homeowner wouldn’t mind hearing about. I generally don’t get too over-the-top home inspectorish on them, I just give some tips and pointers while they wait to eat their free lunch.

What it comes down to is NO MATTER WHAT you say…6 months down the road they won’t remember what you talked about…but they will remember what they ate that day for lunch. Don’t rack your brain on it too much…