Help us test a new way to use the education you've earned as a marketing tool

Hey everyone,

Nick and I have been brainstorming about ways that our members can use all the education they have access to as an InterNACHI member as a marketing tool. One of the things we came up with was an embeddable transcript, much like the certification seal, that shows all the InterNACHI courses you’ve completed. Your transcript is kept completely private, but if you choose to, you can paste a line of HTML into your web site which will show the (live updating) list of courses to your site visitors.

Even if you don’t want to use this as a marketing tool, I would recommend taking a moment to check your transcript; in the near future we’ll be using the transcript as part of a push to verify our membership requirements. It’s also worth noting that we’ll be changing those requirements slightly so that the ancillary courses are only required if you perform that specific ancillary inspection.

We wanted to release this early to the membership to get feedback, so please let me know if you come across any bugs (I’ll be tweaking it over the next few days based on your comments).

Also, please note that the transcript only registers courses you took using your InterNACHI members-only username and password. If you took a course using a different username (for example, if you took an open-to-all course before you joined), please contact me and I’ll try to update our records.


I like the idea of having it on my wesite.

We’re also going to add a way to embed it in your message board signature so our well educated members can show off :slight_smile:


As to the thermography and building science course.

I presented it.

Doesn’t that give me credit?

There are at least three courses that I took that are not listed as completed. :frowning:

Many of mine are showing as “*Course Not Yet Completed”…*yet, I’m pretty sure they are. ???


Nick presented this at the Milwaukee seminar tonight. I really like the idea. I think it was well received by everyone in attendance also. Great job.

Q: Will this also include CE that we’ve added, from other sources?


I personally do not like this as it does not include education credits that I’ve taken over the past several years from other sources.

I don’t think it’s fair not to list every CE credit that members have taken in the past, whether it was an iNACHI course or not. All my education CE credits were given by other educators in Massachusetts and are not included on my personal iNACHI transcript.

Please reconsider the format…



Also… if you have not taken certain PPV courses, then the list
makes it appear you are still lacking something as a home
inspector. So why use the list?

Why not list only those things that you have completed?

Also… if we include the list in our signatures, as you suggested,
will not this cause some signatures to look like huge billboards?

I agree. By showing stuff that we have not completed, for whatever reason, maybe we don’t do radon, so didn’t take the class, makes appear less in customers eyes.

Thank you John. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

If I use this particular list, I’m not worthy.

Ditto, a lot of the courses I took here are not listed as well. Plus the outside CE’s.

Who would benefit if members competed against each other for business/prestige by using the number of NACHI Tv shows as a measuring stick…besides those who profit from their sale, of course?

Frankly, this is tacky and demeaning.

Many professionals stay current through CEUs…but few list the seminars, etc as they do a degree or diploma. Why not list high school field trips, books you have read, or magazines subscribed to as well?

In this effort to impress…I don’t think the impression will be a favorable one. I will certainly not participate.

Don’t let it bother you. I think you are are worthy, no matter
what the list says about you… :mrgreen:

Thank you Sir.
I can say the same about you.

I have friends of some of my relatives that are professional scholars. They have never had a job, only live at colleges and take many courses. They are college junkies. There are home inspector education junkies also. Just because you have a college degree does not make you a good worker. Just because you have countless educational CE course studies makes you a good home inspector.

I once had a brother-in-law who was a vice-president for IBM, had a masters in business, and a PHD in sales and marketing. He called me up one day to ask how to put gas in his car. This was back when gas stations where stopping full service. I also had to teach him how to put air in his tires.

You have to have actual experience, on the job training, be sued a few times, deal with buyer/realtor complaints, get audited, deal with your accountant/attorney/tax advisor a few times, all to be a true home inspector.

I was an executive with a top fortune 75 company for many years, made millions of dollars, dealt with multi-million dollar budgets, attended countless board meetings, all without a college degree. Needing a college degree is one of the biggest scams in the US.

Gary, I have to take issue with, “Sued a few times…Complaints…Audited” and College degrees being a scam! You were the exception not the rule. To make it these days, education is power.

“over-educated idiots”](

  	My dad, who turned 87 today, warned me as I left for college about “over-educated idiots” — people with a surfeit of book learning but a paucity of wisdom. It helps explain why universities are so liberal–smart people can reach stupid conclusions.

I agree with John on this one. I have not taken a lot of the PPV courses and it makes it look like I do not have the required education or experience to do my job. I will not be using this widget on my site since it does not show the education I recieved outside of NACHI.

I list all my education experience on my website anyway for my clients to see. It’s a nice concept, but would need some refining before I considered using it.