Updates for the Sept. 20th Chapter Meeting

I am pleased to announce some more speakers will be attending the September 20th Ontario meeting. Unfortunately with all the wonderful speakers Nick Gromicko will not be able to attend. I know many of you have had the pleaser of meeting Nick, if you have not he will be in Canada in the near future. Such as the 2007 May convention www.nachi.org/convention2007

If you have not sent in a RSVP please do so as we are trying to come up with a accurate number of attendees.


The Nachi Mail notice says the meeting starts at 6 pm. I didn’t realize this was an evening meeting. Sounds like a lot to get in in one evening including dinner.

It is going to be a long night Roy :shock: with many great speakers.

See you soon

Great! Looks like I will have time to sneak in a round of golf .
See you on Wednesday.

So is there an Eastern Ontario chapter?

was in Kingston, Not active any more .
To bad it was great lots of good information and many members .
Roy Cooke

What happened to it?

You should start a eastern chapter

I’m not so sure I’m the person to do it. Although I won’t mind helping anyone with the time to do it.

Congratulations to Larry Ewens on putting together this Chapter meeting in Barrie. Very well organized, good food and great speakers. Thank you!

I was speaking with Mel Argun the other dau and he said he was interested in getting something happening in the Ottawa area. Get in touch with him and jump on board.
His email is melargun@sympatico.ca or you can message him through the board here.

Anything is possible, but there has to be enough interest. How many people here are interested?

Just as I thought,…:shock: