Update on OntarioAchi

I would like all to know that we have many projects on the table as Board Members and committee. We have not forgotten about any of the projects we are working on but as the days go further into the most busy time for all directors we could use more volunteers to stretch out more responsibility of this New Association. You can work on a project with us and pull out at anytime. What we can’t do is slow down so please help by Volunteering.
Next big step we have is getting Education available to those Home Inspectors that are not InterNachi Inspectors yet but are affiliated with us.:wink:

At the end of June OntarioAchi and other stakeholders will be meeting on line. I am so overwhelmed by all the support we are receiving behind the scenes and at this point not one bad report has been sent to the Discipline Committee.
We also have had many visitors to the site every day along with added comments directly to me to keep up the hard work.
Like InterNachi we are willing to use any stride forward to help any Home Inspectors in Ontario and if you have not decided to join with us in the VOICE of Ontario Inspectors, you are missing a turning point in respect for Home Inspection Associations in Ontario.
We are going to soar with the EAGLES and fly like the DUCKS.:mrgreen:
You decide where you want to be!

I will release the info for the meeting when the contacts come to me. For more info please go directly to the the Message Board under Licensing at OntarioAchi.ca
I hope that all Ontario Nachi Inspectors are well represented by the Government of Consumer Services.

Any new updates to announce?:twisted:

Yes there is but by the time you find out. It will be too late.

When I was a kid, and I’m about of Roy’s vintage, my favorite (or favourite in Canada) was Al Capp’s “L’il Abner”. Now, so many years later, I am truly blessed by even better “funnies”, not by Al Capp, who left us many years ago, but by ALLCAPS, a team of EXCELLENT BUFFOONS!

They tend to be very insulting and sarcastic and their diatripe (that means speech, guys) is somewhat insulting but as it is perceived as being comical, it is taken as entertaining. Their comical specialties are WHINING, COMPLAINING and SQUAWKING and BLAMING OTHERS for THEIR UTTER FAILURE!

With the fast pace imposed to those of us who are really busy inspecting or working for the profession, it is refreshing to LAUGH AT THE BUFFOONS’ ANTICS!


You are a piece of work. I think I willl appreciate meeting you in person.

Are you a black belt?

I am (Karate Shyto ryu)! and maybe we should “talk” IN PERSON……ALLCAPS!

Anytime “KEV”!!!


Not going to work Gilles! You have fully exposed the man that you are for all to see.
I at least can look back in pride for the accomplishments I have made so far for Ontario Inspectors.
If you care to know why I left it was for the same thing I am seeing in you right now.

There is going to be 31 stakeholders at this meeting at the end of June or more. Only 3 of them so far will be from the Real Estate Association.
As I was expecting Mike Holmes Inspection is also included within the group. I have my invite in already and will represent Ontario InterNachi Inspectors.
After, If the License requirements are needed in Ontario I will help all to get to the level they will need.
This will be very interesting for sure!!!

I’ve been a 1 deg Black since I was 19 in Shotokan.
And have trained hundreds in the past . To old now !
And the last thing a true Black would ever do is call someone out.
Just sayin’

Humbling yourself is hard for some.

I had 2 very close friends that would vouch for what you just said whoever you are Mr. Lewis.:mrgreen:
They also were extremely humble.

We hammer that into their heads as children in the rough…

Nice statement Roy,
*Ref: Collins unabridged English Dictionary
humble ˈhʌmbəl]**adj
*1. conscious of one’s failings
*2. unpretentious; lowly; *
3. deferential or servile

Maybe we should include that in Inspector training too, what do you think?

Those work !
I prefer this one as to expound the example.

  1. Marked by meekness or modesty in behavior, attitude, or spirit; not arrogant or prideful.

If you wish Mr. Larin.
If you wish to it would be my pleasure.
A place of my choosing?

Roy (Lewis),

I would say you’re quite right! This has little or nothing to do with being a black belt, even an old one! It has a LOT to do with utter provocation based on demagoguery, defamation, slander and a lot of other cheap and ignorant invectives that some but more particularly 2 people have been actively engaged in and that you may not be familiar with!

I, as most likely all of the InterNACHI community, have had just quite enough of these two and have better things to do, like getting to home plate with what I’m undertaking.

And it is an unmoderated and open blog, after all. So let the chips or shall I say ducks fall where they may!


You said it in your comment that and I quote.
“If you can’t beat them join them”
So Mr.Guills you can join them at the ‘Consumer Services’ meeting however they are the minority and have created one of the biggest problems in Home Inspection all over Ontario.
I will not join them and speak for many that neither Real Estate Agent or Brokerage should have control of a Home Inspectors ever. Something I am hoping will get ironed out at this Stake Holders Meeting.
This also would include those that have no skills in it like Building Inspectors.
From my brief look into the Association you want to better yourself with, I can clearly see what they have intentions to do.
CONTROL the Home Inspector Association.
No Home Inspection Association should have control over the Industry.
No Building Inspection Association should have control over the Industry.
You are admitting that you are OK with this.
Since whenever you come here you act as though you should be honored, prove it clearly by apologizing for your comments or at least remove them ASAP.
You can continue to defend yourself if a personal attack comes your way.
Using the Black belt scare tactic is so old and outdated it makes me laugh.
However Roy is correct that some were properly trained and others.
Well they just become B’s and generally suffer later.
As for the ALL CAPS thing

By avoiding questions will not allow your assumptions to be fulfilled.
You where personally invited by me and you refused.
You had gone behind my back with my idea and now clam it as your own.

I put no words in your mouth sir.
Nor did I put words in the mouth of your accuser.
You came running to your defence.

Now you will not hear no more on the subject on the message board Mr. larin.

I will not stop my protest.
Admit what took place and let all see what transpired.