Updates to NACHI.TV Player

Hey everyone,

We just rolled at some upgrades to the NACHI.TV player. It’s lighter weight which means that videos will load faster, and has some new architectural features that will let us do some really interesting things with it in the future (like interactive videos and the like). Take a look at http://www.nachi.tv to check it out.



Thank you for everything you do for iNACHI.

Your improvements are endless…

Embed code doesn’t work. Unauthorized.

It should work now, Kevin.

Yep, thanks.

Is there a way to play or download a low resolution version of the
videos, for those with slower connections?

The system should automatically scale down for a slower connection. Are you having problems with it? What connection speed?

Looks great Chris, nice job!

I am on verizon wireless and sometimes my speeds are only
500 kps. I cannot watch nachi.tv at those speeds.

I’ll take a look at it at that connection speed when I get a chance.


Do you have the same issues with the latest video?

John, you might have something wrong with your computer. If you’re getting a 500kbps connection you should definitely be able to watch the video’s without a problem! Is your connection shared by other people in the house who might be downloading programs, music files, etc?