Updating companion

I have homegauge companion on my tablet. It has version 5.2.2. I noticed that the version on my phone is 5.3.3.

I tried to update the version on my tablet but I am having problems. Fist of all, when I go to Google play store and search for homegauge companion, it shows a large list of other inspection software but not homegauge. It does show up if I go to play store on my desktop but that does not help me on the tablet.

I also tried to find it by going to My apps and games in play store but it does not show up in the list of apps that are installed on the tablet. It does show up if I go through settings and application manager on the tablet.

Anyone have any ideas?

I think I just found the problem. I looked at companion on play store on the desktop and noticed that is says that it requires Android 7.0. I am using an older tablet with 5.1.

I thought I was going crazy for a while.