HomeGauge Companion

HomeGauge Companion for Android just had an update.


I’m at my afternoon inspection using the updated Companion. Love the short cuts you added. One click to pics. HG rocks!!!

Thanks Linas. More to come.

HomeGauge just keeps getting better and better.

I used it today, works great!

OK, I did an inspection with a video this evening and uploaded to the cloud.
When I downloaded the report I got a “converting video” prompt that froze the program and I had to force quit the program. How do I delete the video from my device and upload to the cloud without the video?

If you haven’t used video yet then the crash would mean you need to download quicktime and then run the install of HomeGauge again. Then the video will work.

Otherwise you will find your video files in MY Documents HomeGauge Reports and inside that report ID

Thanks Russell,
Done. Thanks.
I run Home Gauge on a Mac Air Book with Parallels and never installed Quicktime.

I just got this message tonight, Trying to install Quicktime and reinstall Homegauge. Hope this works. I have a report I need to finish:neutral:

Delete video in companion report, upload it again to cloud. You lose your video this way but you can finish report.

I went the back way, I plugged my cord from the phone to the computer and pulled video to my computer. I going to delete video and try to bring it in the HG desktop. See if this works.

If you install the latest version of Quicktime that will solve download/video problem. I had the same issue last week. I quickly updated to latest QT, problem solved.

P.S. you shouldn’t have to reinstall HG.

Companion Rocks!

Only complaint I have is the voice recognition. It is the worst I’ve used in a long time. 90% of phrases I record are Incorrect.

Using same phone (S4) with any of the built in voice recognition on text, emails, or recording, they get it Right 95% of time,

I didn’t realize their was a difference? I will check with the nerds as to if or how we need to participate in the handshake of voice to text.

Are any others using voice to text seeing a difference when used with HGC?

I checked with nerds and it is the exact same handshake. We don’t influence it. So, perhaps when you use it for common things like “I am going to the game on Saturday” its fine but when you say more uncommon technical terms could be the problem.

I downloaded the free trial. It doesn’t appear to have a way to upload from the companion to my main computer on the trial. Is this something that only comes with the full version? Thanks

Have you tried using “Windows Explorer” with the device connected to a USB port? Should be able to just drag and drop from the device to the HG report folder on your PC.

You need to create an account at www.HomeGauge.com as an inspector and then enter your username and password at the menu HG Services > enter username and password at both the desktop menu and at the HGC menu on your device.

Please call in to if you want

Thanks. I figured it out. I couldn’t find a HG “menu” button and every time I pressed the menu button on my Galaxy Tab my Galaxy menu came up, not HG. I figured out that I just had to hold the Galaxy Menu button down for a few seconds instead of just pressing it once. I am only familiar with my iphone and ipad not Droid so this will be a learning experience. Thanks for your help.