Updating Palm-Tech Templates?

Does anybody have a simple path to update a Palm-Tech Template & Library file for ratings & notes on a Droid device?

Their Tech Support just tells me to watch their tutorials (have watched them all) and they do not tie it all together. Shouldn’t updating your template and loading it to your inspection device be simple or at least specific?

I have asked them to tell me which steps do I do in what order and they say this is impossible. Okay, can you tell me which of your tutorials to watch in what order? “No, that is impossible”. They seem to want me to spend hours watching and re-watching their poorly made tutorials and become an expert on my own. I don’t have that kind of time.

The first level of tech support’s main job seems to be keeping you from getting to anybody else that might help you.

Think about this before you make a buying decision for your reporting software. :roll::roll:

I am actually considering writing off this company and the $900 I spent for the software. Anybody got a good recommendation for another inspection software company that makes it easy to update templates to a droid device?

Much appreciated.

I agree not good support never has been ,

Call Dom
Home Inspector Pro.

How easy are you looking for? I mean,as far as I know you have to copy and paste everything individually.Time consuming for sure but once it’s done,it’s done. Send your template to the cloud and/or set up on your P.C. before you leave for the inspection.Hit me up if you want.As far as switching,the two main ones used around here are Homegauge and the one mentioned above.Test them both and whichever one you click with out of the box is usually the one for you.

Hey Glenn,

Spectacular will convert all your existing narratives from Palm-Tech to Spectacular at no extra charge. Whoever you switch to, make sure they provide that service because learning a new set of comments makes the transition way more difficult.

Click “save as template”, then you name the nee template (or call it the same thing), then it will ask you if you want to upload it to the cloud - click yes. After that, go into your device, go into your cloud drive and download the template that is there and you will be al set

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I vividly remember calling Palm Techs support line and getting the cold shoulder big time. Frankly, I’m pretty surprised that they are still around with that type of service. What really sucks is the person who answered the phone had the answer but didn’t have the patience to explain it to you. If I’m correct, you maybe able to sell your palm tech license.

It’s just that simple. Customize your template the way you want to, save as template, rename it and voila! I love Palm-Tech and I’ve never had any trouble with commuications. Cory and Adam always get right back to me if I run into something.

LOL Palm tech really ? was ok 15 years ago but it has been forgotten in a time warp

Their tech support has drastically went down hill over the past 5 years. We are also looking to change. Possibly HIP this year after the slow season.
Keeping up with the times.

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