Upgrade to NACHI's SEO tools

I just updated NACHI’s search engine tracker tool to show bar graphs of your site’s search engine placement and incoming links. Members can log into http://www.nachi.org/seotracker.htm to see their graphs.

Please note that this kind of data fluctuates, so take everything with a grain of salt.



That is awesome!

I also have to say, when I had my website with Roberta and IBSWOW, I didn’t show up at all on Google. DESPITE Roberta’s supposed SEO program and web optimization.

Now, that I have switched and Catherine did my site, no matter what some people may say about it, it is ranked one out of ten, with ten being the highest obviously. But at least it’s ranked! I expect it to get better and better!

Thanks Catherine and Michael, and Thanks Chris, Nick and NACHI!

01/20/2007 1
12/23/2006 0
11/25/2006 0
10/28/2006 0
09/30/2006 0
09/17/2006 0
09/10/2006 0
09/03/2006 0

On the other hand, since I joined Roberta and have followed her SEO instructions, here are my results:

Your Google PageRank (higher is better; 10 is best)

01/16/2007 3
12/19/2006 3
11/21/2006 3
10/24/2006 3
09/26/2006 3
09/19/2006 3
09/12/2006 3
09/05/2006 3
08/29/2006 3
08/22/2006 3

Your Alexa Ranking (lower is better)

12/19/2006 1,677,664
11/21/2006 1,870,793
10/24/2006 1,865,832
09/26/2006 3,982,691
09/19/2006 4,000,780
09/12/2006 4,005,622

Will. My site had those google ranks with NO SEO.

Hey David,

You may be experienced with website SEO. I and I’m sure several other inspectors have no idea what to do with regard to SEO. More importantly, my visits, hits and download stats are continuing to grow every month since Roberta began hosting my website. It has directly impacted my website revenue stream numbers as a result of same.

I have performed no SEO on my site and currently rely on paid ads. I just didn’t bother with SEO until I complete my new website. I only suggested that my google page rank is the same as yours with no SEO. With that ranking I would be inclined to think that your hits must be coming from another source.

If you do searches of your keywords, you will get an idea of where you come up on search engines. If it’s page 3 or lower it’s not likely your business is a result of any optimization.

I would like know how many click through come from NACHI and NACHI’s subsidiary’s sites to my site.

two words: server logs

Type bjccinspections into google.


You are the best. This is an excellent tool.

How do I get my secondary site on this list?


How much did that set ya back?

Ditto for the kudos & for the secondary site request . . .

No money (except for hosting costs) just a little time and effort.

Looks like I could use an SEO seminar. :neutral:

01/10/2007 5,615,528


How’s about doing something about the automatic e-mail notifications.

Still doesn’t work for me. About a month an 1/2 now.

I e-mailed you a couple of times.


Go to “Control panel” at the top left of the MB.

Then click “Edit Options” on the left navigation bar.

Then scroll down to the second box “Messaging & Notification”

Make sure both of those boxes are checked off.

This should correct your email notifications.

Let me know…

Why does mine look different?
Your Google PageRank (higher is better; 10 is best)

11/21/2007 4 10/24/2007 4 09/25/2007 4 08/28/2007 4 07/31/2007 4 07/03/2007 4 06/05/2007 4 05/08/2007 4 04/10/2007 4 03/13/2007 3 02/13/2007 3 01/16/2007 3 12/19/2006 3 11/21/2006 3 10/24/2006 3 09/26/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 09/19/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 09/12/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 09/05/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 08/29/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 08/22/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1>
Your Incoming Links (higher is better)

11/21/2007 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 10/24/2007 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 11 09/25/2007 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 11 08/28/2007 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 14 07/31/2007 4 9 07/03/2007 4 9 06/05/2007 4 9 05/08/2007 3 5 04/10/2007 3 5 03/13/2007 3 5 02/13/2007 3 5 01/16/2007 3 5 12/19/2006 3 5 11/21/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 10/24/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 09/26/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 09/19/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 09/12/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 09/05/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 08/29/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> 08/22/2006 0 <IMG height=24 width=1> Alexa Incoming LinksGoogle Incoming Links

For those of you noticing your rankings aren’t where you want, make sure to check out the last 5 SEO articles I posted into the marketing board. There’s plenty of guys posting that they’ve taken themselves from no ranking to page one and even number one following the tips.