Upgrading radon equipment

I am looking to upgrade my arsenal of radon equipment. I am currently using 1028’s. My interest right now is in purchasing a few breeze units. I was just interested in who is currently using them and what your experience has been. Thanks

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I have had a Breeze unit from the beginning and was part of the original Beta test period as well. Overall I have been very satisfied with Breeze and ISG. Support was a bit rocky in the first couple months, but once Aaron Day came on board for them things turned 180 degrees in the positive direction. Aaron has been nothing short of spectacular in assisting me. I have had my unit replaced a few times due to some testing/growing pain type issues and they always send the replacement out quickly and in advance with shipping paid both ways. NRPP certification for the unit was a bit slow and that was really my only complaint as I was paying for a unit that I could not “officially” use until the certification was obtained by Breeze. All Breeze units now are certified.

Additionally, you may want to ask them to make sure they send you a unit with a calibration certificate. Since all the units were brand new, they originally assumed that there was no need for a calibration certifcate until after the first year was over. However, they learned quickly that many of us wanted and required a calibration certification in case test results ever came into question.

Keep in mind that the unit uses a cellular connection for it to connect to their network so if you deploy it in basements without good cell signal it might appear to be offline/unavailable. However, the unit will still be running and collecting the data and will upload it to the network as soon as signal is good. The $41.50/month covers everything including repairs/replacement/shipping/annual calibration, so IMHO, it’s a fantastic value compared to other offerings.

Overall opinion from me - thumbs up.

Thank you Richard, great info

@rsmith58 I am considering investing in a Breeze and found your review very helpful. Can you explain how the Breeze report compares to creating and sending a report with a different device? Thanks!

Hi Adam, I have only personally used CRM’s from Femto-tech and those, although reliable and perform the job, produce a very basic report that prints on thermo paper/tape via a small printer. The Breeze reports are very modern PDF format, full color, with summary data on front page, and then graphs of the Radon levels, temperature, and pressure (readings every 10 minutes) on subsequent pages. You can optionally include a photograph of the CRM placement, etc. which will also be included in the report. The last page of the report has a Google Earth shot of the GPS location of the CRM during the testing period.

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