Bought the new Corentium Pro radon monitor

Got one on ebay.
Here’s what they look like and what’s nice is I sent the report right from the inspection site. I plan on customizing the report with my logo and signature.
Here’s what my report looks like now. Reports can be very robust but I don’t have time right now to do much beyond the basics.
Very Nice machine.

Looks really nice. Is it part of the C-NRPP list of approved monitor? How much did you pay? I want one.

Works with Android and Iphones.


The report is cool. Does the instrument have a calibration date or require one periodically?

Chuck Kirschner

It has a calibration date for November 16, 2017. I’ll be sending it in soon. Corentium claims it needs a calibration once every 10 years but the feds say every year.

Its fully compliant and on the list of approved devices. I paid $1200 and see them advertised $1499 to $2000…

Best feature? Operates for a year on 3 AA batteries. Can use when electricity is off.

Awesome, thanks for the info.


Same here…thanks for the info.

Chuck Kirschner

Correction on a statement I made.

I said the fedral government requires yearly calibration. Actually the EPA was convinced by the AARST-NRPP organization to require devices get yearly calibration. Its not the Feds.

I have been using one for a few months. It is great. Right out of the box. I have not customized my reports yet, I just use the standard one like you posted.
I paid $1600, straight from the company in Europe. I didn’t think to look on Ebay.

Just checking in to see what your thoughts are on the Corentium Pro now that you have been using them for a couple of years? Any issues? Has anyone used the rental program?

Thanks for bumping this. I have been meaning for like a year now to buy one of these to test it out. I just did and will hopefully see it in a few days. I will run it through its paces and do everything I can to customize it. I will also run it side by side with my Sun Nuclear units to verify the readings. I will update in a few weeks once all of that has happened.

We use these models only. Very easy to use with customizable reports. Reports look great and can send literally immediately.

Any more feedback on these?

Any NYers out there, does this cover the nys ELAP reporting requirements for a lab, does the company send this to the state, cause current nys reqs, a radon tester can not do the analysis, only an elap, see link below.

NY website

" This means that, while charcoal canisters, alpha track detectors and/or continuous radon monitors may be deployed by radon testers certified by AARST, NRSB, NJ, or PA, the actual test must be analyzed and the results reported by an ELAP-certified lab."

Anyone got some field use comments on the Corentium Pro?

Still looks like a bad backourder on these units?

NRSB certified yet?

I see they just got their NRSB certification…

Any NYS users know about the ELAP requirements? Does Airthings cover the ELAP side, or does the inspector need to get a NYS ELAP cert?

I’m trying to find this out also since I just bought one of these units and am in NY. Gotta love the NY rules. Anyone find any updates? I talked to someone at airthings yesterday and they were going to check with their lab in Mass. And if need be their NY users. Trying to track this down so I know if I have to return the unit or not. Seems like airthings should get some ELAP process in place for people in NY.

I see you are in NY also. How do you satisfy the ELAP requirements? Looks like we would have to send report to a lab first for review.

Last I spoke with airthings, they were not ELAP ready for NYS… thus you would be required to get your own ELAP certs, not fun… the harder ARST or NRSB test and QA docs, full ELAP and semi annual submission with NYS, so 2yr renewal costs with ARST or NRSB, CE, sample testing reqs, and annual calibration costs.

Only ELAP ready for NYS I could find is

Only issue is they are a rental program for $165/mo, but they do everything on state end and even calibrations, you just place crm, pick it up, upload data to them and get report back in a few hours. Every year they send you a new unit. You actually need no certs for NYS for this crm, and they cover all the ELAP…

I just had this issue arise today, and frankly I want to challenge the assertion that home inspectors who are Radon Certified would need ELAP certification to deliver results in all instances. Words matter, especially with regard to statutory policies and legal matters.

“Remember that, while a certified radon tester may collect samples, anyone who analyzes and provides the results of those tests must hold New York State Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Approval Program certification. ELAP certification ensures that the results obtained from an individual or firm are accurate and reliable. This means that, while charcoal canisters, alpha track detectors and/or continuous radon monitors may be deployed by radon testers certified by AARST, NRSB, NJ, or PA, the actual test must be analyzed and the results reported by an ELAP-certified lab.”

The paragraph above has some problems.

  1. It very clearly states “anyone who analyzes and provides the results”. It doesn’t say “or” or “and/or”. It says “and”. That means to fall under the statutory mandate you would have to be doing both the analysis and the delivery of radon results. If a certified lab does the analysis and you are merely delivering their results to the client, I don’t see how that mandate requires you to have ELAP certification. The lab would for sure.

  2. It is also very clear in the TYPE of test equipment being used.

“while charcoal canisters, alpha track detectors and/or continuous radon monitors may be deployed…”

If you’re using electret ion chamber or pulse ion chamber devices, especially ones that have their own mobile app to analyze and give results, I don’t see that in their device list. They can’t just assert a blanket authority over any and all new technologies that emerge. If software is giving the result to a homeowner on their smartphone, did the inspector “analyze and provide” the test results, or did the homeowner conduct their own test and get their own results?

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Oh, and if a mobile app analyzes the data and sends the results to the client directly, did the inspector obtain the results at all?

I think there needs to be some real legal challenges to this assertion of blanket authority over radon testing, especially when there are highly accurate devices homeowners can use themselves to do testing.

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