Upset Home Owner

Just received a nasty email from a seller of a home I recently inspected, complaining about my wording (foundation failure) of the foundation notes. This is what I noted in inspection report:

Significant bowing/cracking/leaning was visible on the South and West Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) interior block foundation walls which appeared to be consistent with bowing caused by lateral pressure from soil or soil and water. This condition represents foundation failure and should be evaluated by a qualified foundation contractor.

As you can see in the attached photos, the block support pilaster was even bowed in. Was my narrative correct?

I might not have worded it the same way but it is not incorrect. The foundation wall has a problem Houston and it should be referred to an expert.

Might just be an optics thing but in the 2nd picture the finish on the bowing CMU’s almost makes it look like they were replaced or other work was done previously. Makes one wonder.

You are not working for the seller . You stated what you found .
I would not get upset and would not reply .

That’s exactly what I plan on doing, Nothing!

Owner is upset of the finding itself I am sure. Others are correct in that you do not work for the seller. I would bet that if you did (but dont do it) have a conversation with seller explaining everything in detail, they would be less angry at YOU.
Question to ponder: What if the seller was the buyer? Would he be upset still?

I like to carry a six foot level to place next to bowed walls when taking the picture to illustrate better the condition. Most times it stays in truck, but it helps.

The only thing I might have worded differently is this:

“This condition represents foundation failure”

I might have said something like “This condition could be symptomatic of foundation failure”. Backing off just a little, but still containing the seed of doubt necessary to recommend evaluation by a specialist.

All in all, you did the right thing. You don’t just walk by a condition like that and pretend nothing is wrong.

There is an interior piece of crap system that was installed, anyone say anything about that? Interior systems n sump pumps do not remove/reduce any lateral soil pressure against the wall nor do they stop water from entering the exterior cracks in that wall.