Urgent: Are these cracks a concern?


One of them runs along the bottom side of the white wall, and is hard to see here, but seems to be an obvious crack along the tape. But these i’m not sure about?
We are possibly signing a contract TODAY on the house that we are renting, but we have noticed these cracks.
Any input ASAP is greatly appreciated!!

From the blurry limited view photo it is hard tell.

Tried to take a clearer picture:

What seems to be a crack along the tape on the lower part of ceiling

General view of the wall/ceiling where the close up photo was taken

Clearer picture of the cracks
The general area where the cracks are located.

Hard to tell from your pic.
I suspect it is cosmetic, but again not sure.

You need to go to:

Find an INachi certified inspector to help you out properly!

We will be having the house inspected professionally, for sure. We are trying to decide whether it warrants going ahead and scheduling an engineer to check out the house.

Not all engineers make good Home Inspectors
A good home Inspector might be a correct investment
Ask questions and listen close does the person know his business does the person explain them selves well.

If I saw these cracks in a home I was inspecting I would NOT say a structural engineer needs to evaluate. IMHO from the pictures alone, these are seam type cracks and can easily be repaired,

Hey cheapskate. Hire a professional home inspector and quit looking for free internet help.

No, they are not.

Just to clarify again, im not looking to get out of a home inspection, I am trying to clarify if it is a big enough structural concern to warrant having a home inspection and engineer scheduled.
But thanks.

You’ll have to forgive some of the people here. If you’d like to talk about the cracks, give me a call at 619-341-0173.

At the time of the inspection, we found minor (i.e. hairline or less than 1/8" etc.) cracking on plaster ceilings and walls in some areas. These can be repaired the next time any painting is done in these areas.

Those cracks are superficial and are directly attributed to corner bead and taping installation issues of the drywall. Slight thermal movement may have presented the issues after time…caulk and paint.


Any opinion on this crack? It is small, located above our master bathroom window. We had our inspection yesterday, and he said the cracks I pointed out to him were just cosmetic and he had no structural concern, said the foundation was “function as intended”…but I had not noticed this crack and he did not mention it…I thought cracks at 45degree angles from corners were concerning?
I contacted my inspector about it and am waiting to hear back, but just thought id get a few other opinions?

You hopefully hired a trusted INachi inspector.
Perhaps you should wait to speak to him & not go behind his back.

He is. And I did speak with him. I am over analytical and prefer more explanation than he tends to give, but thank you!

Not a structural issue.

Exactly…Google “Common stress and settlement cracks in drywall”