Florida General Contractors

Hello to all my fellow G.C.'s. Continuing ed time is upon us.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a great online school / group of courses that meet the requirements.

I am looking for whatever is the most visually appealing and interesting / well put together course.

If you have done your required education and like what you did and it was online an as pleasant as forced education can be please let me know what you choose and post a link if you have one.

Thanks in advance.


just finished gold coast online. I wouldnt say it was fun, but did the job

I am basically looking for not terrible and as good as possible. What did it cost?

i forget. Look it up. its convenient I always use gold coast

Does not count until Aug. 1

Continuing Education Update It is not necessary for Home Inspectors to take any continuing education credits (CE) to renew their licenses for the first renewal cycle. Only CE credits taken after August 1, 2012 will be counted for the 2012 – 2014 renewal cycle.

for gc

I used Pace. All online and wasn’t unbearable. They reported everything directly to DBPR. Already renewed all my licenses.

contractors institute has the best course selection but is more expensive

I use Pace and took the same wind mit course I took in the 90’s but the whole 14 hr course is $99.

I use Contractors Institute as well. $150 Mike for the 14 hour bundle, and they send everything in to the CILB/DBPR as well. I’m on hour 3 as I type this :frowning:

Thanks to all so far. Keep the recommendations coming.

I Forgot what I did last time. T think I took different courses from different providers based on the requirements and what looked interesting.

I’m a fan of the onsite one day courses. If I try to do it at my own pace, I may never get it all in. I took Henry Goudreau’s course last time (hgassociates) and was pleased. His CE site is crashing now, though.