Using approved methods for PVC runs

All joints between lengths of rigid nonmetallic conduit "PVC", and between conduit and couplings, fittings, and boxes, shall be made by an approved method.

Does this mean that it doesn’t have to be glued when it is buried?

Can the AHJ allow duct tape?

I just recently built a shop and when I ran my conduit the code inspector made it clear to me to it needed to be glued, there was no mention of tape.
I know you know this already but in my limited knowledge of electrical, water can penetrate the tape right? thats why he said to glue it. I cant imagine that tape would ever be approved IMHO

PVC typically uses a solvent cement. When the pieces that have glue applied and are joined, the PVC pieces actually melt into each other. This allows for a water tight coupling.

There are some cements that allow ABS and PVC to be directly glued. My recommendation is to use a PVC somvent cement.

It gets glued from what I have seen around here. Water as Troy said will get in otherwise, as you know.

Water will get in anyway. Either from a joint or from condensation.
An underground PVC run is a WET location.

I think to suggest anyone would allow “duct tape” or not gluing is absurd. I think the suggestion was a bit facetious.

These are different adhesives from E-Z Weld Manufacture
It appears that homeowners could use the all around Multipurpose Cemnt and manage to do their thing.

My recommendation would be to use the cement designed for the particular purpuse.

208 Multi Purpose Cement

**Plumbing **

Click on any above and see their properties and differences.

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Joe is looking for 110.3(B). The manufacturer’s instructions call for a solvent welded connection, as often as not the solvent they sell. OTOH you will probably be using an expansion fitting on long runs and that is a slip joint.
A Pete says, all outdoor and underground raceways are wet locations and usually accumulate water over time. A hole in the pipe is as likely to be letting water out as letting it in. Most installers will drill holes in boxes to let the water out

"an Approved" should be changed to “a Listed,” not being facetious at all!

Greg got it right, I am just asking the same question asked of me today here in Delaware.

Marcell: Thank you too, for the information.

So someone actually asked you if duct tape was ok to use???

To someone like that you just say: “Yes. Yes it is.” and walk away.

OK, I will also tell them to “Go and get me the adjustable needle nosed pliers and a can of steam!”

Hey, Joe, don’t forget them to add two eggs and their radiator problem and duck tape on the radiator hose are gone. :wink:

So ofcourse it is alright to join two pipes with just wires in it.

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