Using Dragon Speech Recognition

I’m fairly new to Dragon speech recognition software. It seems there’s a big difference between using Dragon in MS Word and using it in HG software. In HG I get random capitalization of phrases and picture titles. I do not have the ability to command Dragon to fix or select wrong words and the words that do dictate are not as accurate as when I use Dragon in a MS Word document.

Any advice from fellow HG users who also use Dragon (or other speech software)? I don’t mind if you speed bumps, but the novelty is turning into a headache.

Thanks in advance,

I am hoping some users with experience in dragon and HG will comment. I have been told by some over the years that it works fine. Some default responses would be did you do a voice training with Dragon and did you try speaking the same construction terminology when comparing with MS word.

I use Dragon with another unnamed software; I also have some random issues with caps and spacing and yes it is not as smooth as using it in a straight word format BUT Dragon is a great time saver and allows much more information to be included in custom statements (for those who do not type well). You will get used to the anomalies, I still need to use the keyboard to fix small issues but overall Dragon works well.

I use Dragon almost exclusively to write my reports for comments that I don’t already have saved. Been using it for about 8 years now and have noticed the same issues with random capitals and spacing as well. One thing that has helped is getting a good quality recording grade microphone and preamp instead of using a cheap headset mic. You may want to also set Dragon loose to scan your documents on your computer so that it can learn some of the correct spelling of industry specific words. It does seem like it takes longer to train each version that is released, especially for industry specific words. I still haven’t figured out how to make it stop capitalizing the word windows every time I say it as if I am referring to the Microsoft product.

Have you tried:

click: Vocabulary>click: Vocabulary Editor> search for: “Windows”> select and delete the capitalized version. If needed, add a lowercase version

If you ever need windows to be capitalized again just say “Cap Windows”

I use dragon all the time works fine

If you find a word that is building term just say add and train it to the way you say it . training is the key with dragon , I keep mine updated all the time it actually take less time to train it

I bought Dragon as a Xmas present to myself and installed it yesterday to use when writing building related articles. I hadn’t considered using it for inspections. You got me thinking about doing this now. I just can’t see how it works for comments as typing comments is pretty damn fast.