Voice Recognition Software - suggestions? comments?

i’m thinking about vr software and am looking for reviews?

any comments about dragon’s standard or preferred? or others?


Talk to RR.

He’s the VR Master.

I have used IBM Via Voice for many years.
Dragon Naturally Speaking is far better at this point.

I won’t leave home without it!
I just can’t used those canned report programs.
Those of you that do, you can use Dragon with any program. So if it doesnt quiet fit and you don’t want to type, go with voice.

I have a long commute and can get 2 hours of work done on the road as I drive. You can’t use any other reporting program while your driving! I can dictate faster than I can look up the answer! And it fits the occasion every time.


Have you tried Dragon? If it saves me from two fingering, I may have to spring for it!

That is what I use now (second version I’ve gone through).

As I said, I won’t leave home without it.

Ditto what David said. I use DNS (version 9) as well for the same reasons.

I got it a couple weeks ago and it works great. Faster than two fingerin’. Back to picking my nose and doing reports at the same time.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a web address for the dragon software?


However, when you get ready to buy it, you can usually find much better prices online (download) or even at Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, etc.

Thank you. I will now go shopping to find better deals at Staples, Office Depot etc…
Its to be able to compare different products. hankx for the link Doug.

which edition of dragon are u dragon users using, standard or preferred?

I use DNS ver 9 Preferred.

DNS V9 Standard.

I’ve been using DNS since V3, when there was only DNS. Now they have four or five versions, but the original/Standard has served me very well over the years.

I got Preferred for $99 on disk from Nuance along with some other goodies for being a previous customer. Great deal, could not pass it up. Version 9 works so much better than 8 for simple reason of there was conflict with MS in version 8 that even their “fix” didn’t completely fix. Either one is better than typing.

Please excuse me for arriving late, But what is this about voice recording?
I use Home Gauge and after a visit to their site I read about voice recording. Does this mean you don’t have to type anymore? Will I be able to speak into a ppc or laptop and have it converted to text even in Brooklyneeze. Help me out guys, I am kind of old school writing everything down and then doing the report at home. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks…

Yep, that’s what it means.

I’ve been using VRS for over four years now. That’s how I get so much accomplished, and how I’m able to help so many people :smiley: through my many posts that some people are so jealous of. :frowning:

you can use voice recognition software with any reporting program that you have. If you have editing capabilities, just say “hello computer”.

I just downloaded service pack one for Dragon. Any of you that have not updated yet you may want to check upgrades.They corrected a lot of problems with version 9 .
On the DragonBar and select check for updates.

doug - is there anything in dragon “prfrd” that you think is worth the extra $ over “stndrd”?



have you looked at “preferred” version? anything it might offer to make the extra $ worthwhile?

I do not. My first experience with DNS was version 8 Preferred so Ive never used Standard. I happen to fall into a good deal and got Preferred actually cheaper than Standard to I hopped on it. A year or so later I was offered to upgrade to version 9 Preferred for little money. I had some problems with the system hanging up on Version 8 that was supposed to be corrected in DNS 9. I bought the new version and the hanging up problem was gone. There was apparently some kind of file in MS that had issues with DNS that got corrected. I found out later how to correct version 8 myself by simply going in and changing the corrupted file. I am very happy with DNS period. I can do so much more, faster and the more I use it the better it gets. Most people try to use it too slow or do a lot of stopping to make hand corrections to their documents. The other thing is to learn the voice commands as well. This eliminates having to do things by hand. You can actually control your computer by voice command. It is very cool and fun to use. I also recommend getting a better microphone than the cheap one that comes with software.